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InFlight Catering

inflight catering
Shaping Inflight Catering with the Power of Community and Advanced Software

InFlight brings an extraordinary catering experience to the skies

through streamlined ordering and delivery.

Unmatched Global Reach

InFlight is the only inflight caterer in the industry with global reach. This reach is made possible by its branded kitchen presence and an extensive network of private chefs, drivers, local suppliers, and caterers. Moreover, InFlight is renowned for its exceptional inflight catering. We earned the highest client reviews and impressive order fulfilment rates.


airports, where we deliver regularly


InFlight branded kitchens

13 years

of experience in inflight catering


orders delivered worldwide

Our Menu

At InFlight, we take pride in managing the complete food journey. Our chefs begin with the careful preparation of each dish. In addition our drivers extend to its service to FBO or airport.