After years of developing a worldwide network of premier inflight catering service providers, we realized it was time for a technology platform that consistently, efficiently, and interactively manages the end-to-end catering process and ultimately ensures the highest level of inflight dining for private aviation from any location on any flight.

With a creative and resourceful team, Inflight supports private jet brokers, corporate jet fleets, and private jet operators with proprietary software that allows both clients and vendors to create accounts, place orders, fulfill orders. All in an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. 



It’s time in-flight dining caught up with today’s technology. Our solution is based on this premise, and we have developed a sophisticated technological solution to deliver the consistent quality and reliable service through a global network.

Consistency and Reliability

We understand that every order must be just right to earn your trust. That’s why we’ve built in safeguards and redundancies to oversee the entire order-to-delivery process. So you can worry about other things – like the ideal wine pairing.


We didn’t develop our global network of trusted providers quickly or easily. Our years of experience has taught us that there’s no substitute for personal connections. That network, combined with our proprietary technology, delivers consistent quality around the world.

Simplifying the Process

Delivering a quality inflight dining experience perfectly every time can be surprisingly complicated. Our system reduces the burden through intuitive tools, tracking and transparency. With Inflight, what was once a challenge is now a seamless experience.


For us, quality doesn’t just mean the best ingredients and the finest cuisine, it also means that our clients can spend less time worrying about their catering needs and more time seeing to the other aspects of planning and executing the perfect flight. Inflight doesn’t just deliver food – we deliver peace-of-mind.